Our clients include metal fabricators, artists, home & commercial builders, and the backyard hobbyist. Our talented staff can take you from the design process to the finished product.
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  Saw Cutting: to 22": Save time and money with saw cut miters. Eliminate flame cuts and grinding with accurate cuts. Perfect for stair stringers and mitered beams.   Automated bundle Cutting: Suitable for machine shops, rail and fence fabricators, or anything requiring multiple parts of the same length. Tolerance of +/- .010. Straight cuts and miters.   Fabrication: We are able to work with steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and brass. We provide in house design and detailing using the latest cadd software.  
  Forming: to 14'   Shearing: to 12' x 3/8"   Hole Punching: to 1 1/2" diameter